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 Gwen Eldenil

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PostSubject: Gwen Eldenil   Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:04 pm

Habbo/OOC name: iEmmy

Name: Gwen Eldenil
Age: 13
Powers/Abilities: Mind Reading
Hybrid Species: Human&Bird (Winged.)
Pets: None
Likes: Animals,
Dislikes: Itex, explosions, animal cruelty.
Fears: Heights, experimentation.
Personality: She's pretty normal, but a little spaz-like when she gets scared. She's really nice and shit. Smile
Equipment: Bookbag/suitcase with items in it: journal, pencil/pen, extra clothing.
Appearence: Blue hair and green eyes. She's very pretty. Very Happy

But with blue hair and green eyes. ^^

History/Biography: Living in California with her parents and younger brother Orien, her family was pretty rich. Their mother was a famous actress in many famous movies.She went to school while Orien stayed home playing video games all day. She never told on him for it, although she was worried. She wanted to have a promising life out of the spotlight. Both kids had their own boats, so they took them for a ride. Orien wanted to go out further, but Gwen said no. Orien went anyway and she followed him. They were soon separated when a storm hit as they got further. Shipwrecked, they reunited with a fight on the island. She feels her brother is just a silly gamer noob who needs a life, but really cares about him.
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Gwen Eldenil
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